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Access to specialty carriers TSI works with a nationwide network of licensed and approved carriers. By the way, thank you for all the information, Shipping large artwork can always learn something new reading your articles, shipping large artwork.

Many people have suggested that we take the painting off the frame and roll it so it would fit into a cylinder. Good grief, so much information….

This simplifies the process by: huge time savings, slashes the total cost of shipping as well as the convince of purchasing a tube container to ship. Others ore 24X On panels. This particular print has alot of meaning to our family and will be handed down for generations to come. With eCommerce growing rapidly each year, shipping is more important than ever before.

My query is as a art lover that buys and sells constantly what is your opinion about. We can handle it for you. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I think you did not mean that. In addition to our expertise in shipping art, we also provide economical full replacement insurance, full service pickup, and online pricing making us the smart choice for transporting your precious artwork.

What do you think about sending a return label in the box with customers painting, and having the customer return the box to me to reuse on my next order? Jason…Thanks heaps for this detailed and excellent handbook! Several of my pieces are 24X48 inches. Instead of being loaded and unloaded using a shipping large artwork, your painting will be carried by hand by professional artwork movers.

Its very useful blogs about how to ship painting a step by step guide for artists. Very informative. This may include:. Packing to ship or move anything is risky, but paintings come with their own hazards. Our network of expert art shippers has the experience to relocate your collection from one home or business to another. I am wondering…. I had to modify a bit simply based on materials I had available, shipping large artwork, but it feels pretty good.

How do I track my shipment? Rockwell Sands is a shipping guru and a wizard with words. How much do you charge for packaging supplies and services? I was considering having a local carpenter make up some boxes for me but this might prove expensive.

I am shipping my paintings to customers, and would like to reuse my boxes. Thanks for this information, it is helpful. Thanks so much! What are the pitfalls? For long-distance movesconsolidated freight is ideal for large collections and recurring or volume shipments of more than 10 pieces per month.

I have 28 paintings some large: 5ft x 4ft some medium 4ft x 3. Consolidated freight services like less-than-truckload LTL shipping are always provided by licensed and insured professionals, so you can feel confident that your artwork is being transported safely throughout its journey. I have to ship a whole exhibition to China for Easter next year and the thought of this is causing me some headaches! If so, which company did you use and does anyone know if it is kept at Customs for any length of time?

Consolidated freight providers often offer multiple service levels, including packing and custom crating, assistance loading your paintings, and additional insurance. For high-value, one-of-a-kind, original, or highly sentimental artwork, we strongly recommend purchasing supplemental insurance. Helpful article. Thank you so much for the valuable service you are providing. I have a question.

The way your painting is mounted determines how it should be packed. The move los angeles chula vista thing I worry about is the plastic wrap sticking los angeles package shipping stores what the artwork.

Has this ever happened to you? I need to move it from Denver to Washington DC. It is not in a glass or picture frame; it is canvas stretched on a wood frame. Most paintings will require White Glove shipping services, which include indoor pickup and delivery, packing services, and additional insurance.

Artwork Shipping a painting, sculpture or other piece of art? Thank you for this thorough and informative post.

About the Author. Label the box.

How to Ship Artwork | FedEx

For telescoping one box around the other, the outer boxed must be larger? Much appreciated! I wish I have seen this before I shipped a painting of mine to a client. Thank you so much for writing this article. Will you pick up my items at my location, and pack and ship them? For local or short-distance moveswe recommend transporting paintings and other artwork in your vehicle.

Take pictures along the way of every item you ship. Thank you Jason, for your time and generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience! Thank you for your advice to use bubble wrap to fill empty space and add cushion so that nothing gets damaged in the shipping process. Dear Jason Thank you this invaluable information. Your step by step procedure for how you pack your paintings to ship was very helpful. Consolidated freight shipping services are always provided by licensed and insured shipping companies.

Visit the help section or contact us, shipping large artwork. I will definitely use plastic film from now on. Is this a wide enough diameter for the canvas rolled up in glassine paper? I am looking to purchase some exceptional artwork for my private collection. More https://moverslosangeles.city/long-distance-moving-companies-flat-rate.html to you.

Wrap the artwork. Great blog post — I love the step-by-step guide you provide. I need to pack it for storage and https://moverslosangeles.city/long-distance-moving-services-los-angeles.html some shipping large artwork shipping.

Need help? This solution is perfect for highly valuable artwork. This information is amazing! The best-consolidated freight providers will connect you with an experienced shipping company that specializes in transporting artwork like paintings.

Some might argue that a rolled canvas is safer to ship, as well as being more economical, but as you rightly point out, removing the canvas from the stretcher and rolling it carries its own risks. Can you pay for the return postage at the end of the show? Very helpful! It was a stressful time waiting for it to arrive at its destination but at the same time we had peace of mind knowing that we had taken great care in our packaging.

We can also help with estate distributions. Main Content. Get it Tue, Oct 26 - Mon, Nov 1. My heart sunk when I received an email telling me about the prints the bubbles had made. After growing frustrated with all of the inaccurate and boring shipping resources out there, he decided to combine his love of writing and shipping into educational articles on Shipping School. I have a 48 x 48 painting that was given to me by the artist, who is now deceased.

Jason, thanks for this really in depth article. How long will it take for my shipment to arrive at its destination? I am looking at starting an online art store and have been trying to find good information for shipping oil paintings. I just started shipping my artwork and you helped me avoid some of the pitfalls! For smaller paintings, single items, or time-critical shipments, parcel shipping is your shipping large artwork option.

He's on a mission to shed light on shipping shipping large artwork small businesses can succeed. At the very least, photograph the artwork encased in bubble wrap, then again when it is in the inner box, and when the inner box is in the outer box with bubble wrap in place, and when the outer box is taped up. That picture of the damaged painting is a heartbreaker. Create a shipment at your local FedEx Office with your shipping information and a payment method. I am thrilled to have come across this article.

Insurance Every art shipment includes federally mandated limited liability coverage, which pays out at 60 cents per pound. Thanks for this useful information. It really is an enormous help. Do you just absorb that cost if the painting sells at the show?

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed article! Would you recommend wood or your double-box system? These boxes can even be reused for shipping and storage. After receiving a request from an out-of-state buyer to purchase two of my watercolors, I finally got around to reading this post. Related searches. Excellent article; thank you!

I want to make sure it arrives safely. I wonder if I should look shipping large artwork private art consultants who would find me great art and then handle all of the shipping for me! The value is undershipping large artwork, Iam a hobbyist — and iam completely unsure how duty tax works. Years ago when my mom would ship one of her paintings large framed oils on stretched canvas my dad would build a wood framework inside the outer cardboard box for more protection.

Have you tried that and does it work? Also, how much can we expect to pay for shipping? Then, if there is damage, you can show your client how much care you took in packaging the art — and you can show the shipper that you met all of their requirements, too.

Very useful information, Jason, many thanks. If they are framed with glass, you want to make sure that glass does not break and if they are simple canvas pieces, you want to make sure the painting is not torn or pierced. I just wrapped my painting with bubble wrap directly and was going to put cardboard as the next click. Would it be easier or less expensive to have it removed from the canvas, shipped on a roll, and restretched when it arrives?

Great article, but one technical detail jumped out at me. You may find that if your art happens to be on canvas and rollable, try a Shipping tube. Or do you have 2 size of the box? Thank you! Ship Artwork Find a Store. Shipping artwork does not have to be complicated or expensive. Please advise. We had carefully taped the glass as suggested, in case of breakage so at least the print itself would survive. Thank you so much for this post! Can anyone help Ian going doolally! Also, best shipper from Colorado to Hawaii?

The cost of shipping a painting or a collection of paintings using consolidated freight will depend on what level of service you choose. White Cardboard Shipping Box - Pack of 25, 11 x 8. This was incredibly helpful. Any help is appreciated. Jason, where do you get your shipping boxes at?

I am worried about transporting it though. Thanks for your advice Ron. This is so great! How can you telescope the boxes when they are the same size? I am going to reverse it after reading this. Authored Statements: ysureican Fogarty. On the other hand, give the size of the painting, it sure would be easier to ship that way, shipping large artwork. Any advice would be most gratefully received Regards Ian Mckillop. Thanks so much for your help. Is either acceptable?

Pricing includes the right FedEx box solution, cushioning materials, and expert packing service backed by the FedEx Office Packing Pledge, shipping large artwork. I had ideas, but these are far better than my original plans that included heavier support for bad costs, as well as shipping before oxidation was complete.

Once I have my painting properly packaged, is it best to transport vertically or horizontally? I am excited and so nervous I feel sick all at the same time. On which holidays do you ship? Follow these steps to get your shipment ready to take to a FedEx Office location. Thank you for your post. Does anyone know if I need to have climate-controlled refrigerated? Choose the box. The Shipping Art Article given above is an excellent source to refer to in shipping endeavors… May I add an additional section please to the articles above for a possible sampling in your endeavors, assisting in diversified areas….?.

Learn More. Ask this Author a Question. There have been times where we have provided an immediate refund for their purchase, shipping large artwork, and then worked to get a replacement piece from the artist. When shipping large artwork piece is sold, the artist takes the artwork to his framer, has the framer remove the glass and replace shipping large artwork with a sheet of clear plastic. I want the saw-blade knife on the gun to start cutting on one side of the tape.

By taping the ends in this way, you are creating an additional buffer at the end shipping large artwork the artwork that will act as a great shock absorber.

Depending on your volume, the savings could be significant. The number one cause of damage to frames and corners of the artwork is movement allowed by extra space in the box. Roll paper-covered artwork around a smaller tube for inner support. You can then measure the width of the painting and double it, measure the depth of the painting and double that, then add a few inches for good measure and mark the cardboard using your T-square and Sharpie.

Often, damage is repairable, and since you made the art you probably have the perfect skill-set to repair it! Tape the overlap to seal the cardboard closed.

You can go about eliminating this space in one of two ways. In short, the tape cutting process is a combination of tension created by my thumb holding the tape roll while I pull on the gun, and twisting my wrist so the blade can bite through the tape. Reassure your client that your are doing everything in your power to rectify the situation.

How much does it cost to ship a piece of artwork? Hey there! Never use peanuts for this purpose. DPReview Digital Photography. If you are only occasionally shipping, carrier insurance is probably the simplest and most efficient way to insure the work with the least hassle.

If you plan to ship in any kind of volume, however, you should set up an account with the carrier and ship using their online service. Cutting the tape is an art. Most of these companies offer a variety of options for delivery time.

What should I do if my shipment is lost or stolen? Unfortunately, many of these companies will only pick up from a commercial address rather than from a private addressand may be unwilling to come to your studio no matter how hard you try to convince them it is a business. Are cheap movers los angeles to orange county congratulate mentioned earlier that the edges of the artwork or frame are the most prone areas for damage, and by giving yourself this extra cushion, you have given the two ends of your artwork an almost impenetrable barrier.

For an additional charge you can add more coverage. It will be easier to get good results if you tape one end of the box closed so that you are dealing with the box in its 3-D form instead of flat.

Talk to a business insurance agent and they will be able to get you a quote. Place the artwork atop two sheets of glassine paper cut to a size that is at least 2 inches larger than the artwork on all four sides to protect it from discoloration or staining.

Online Estimate. Feel free to reach out and drop him a line! Ground shipments can take anywhere from a couple of days to over a week, depending on the distance and accessibility of your customer. Paper-based artwork, such as drawings, prints, watercolor paintings, or photographs, should be placed face up.

Slide roll into the outer tube. This will save you money, and often you can schedule a delivery driver to pick up the package from your studio, saving you a drive as well. You are in a far better position if your client feels that you did everything in your power to protect the artwork. I only use double-wall cardboard when I am dealing with extremely heavy or delicate art.

At Fine Art Shippers, we will be happy to recommend the right options for your particular piece of art! On the rare occasion that damage occurs, the manner in which you react will affect your relationship with your client and the likelihood that you will recover damages from your shipping company or insurance policy.

From certain angles you could see the perfectly spaced imprints of the bubbles. I make this happen by turning my wrist in shipping large artwork clockwise motion while maintaining tension. All how to guides Created with Sketch. I do this by measuring enough bubble to completely circle the edges of the artwork. I said it above, but it bears repeating: Use the highest quality tape you can find. Or pack and ship without visiting a FedEx Office location.

Layer the art from largest to smallest, and make sure each piece is facing the same direction. Instead of cutting and folding this extra space, simply squeeze the sides together to form a kind of triangle and tape it closed. As an artist, you want your client to feel that they are buying one of your masterpieces.

For larger pieces you can use one of the trucking lines like Conway, or freight forwarders like Bellair Express. Recently we received a painting the artist wrapped using only bubble wrap. With eCommerce growing rapidly each year, shipping is more important than ever before. Small Business Printing Let us help you with all of your professional printing, copying and direct mail needs. I usually choose the bubble wrap because it takes less time than performing surgery on the box.

I fold the bubble in half shipping large artwork and then tape it to the edges of the painting. Glass is so susceptible to cracking in transit that some carriers refuse to insure anything that involves it. Low tension will cause your tape to bunch and fold as you are sealing your box, and it will also make it nearly impossible to cut the tape. This is especially true when you are shipping two-dimensional artwork. I try to plan my folds so that they are on this axis.

Almost every packing tape gun allows you to control tension with a knob on the tape wheel. Peanuts will settle to the bottom of the box and as the box gets jostled about in transit, the bottom of the box will flex and expand, allowing more peanuts to concentrate there. Anything larger will ship via a freight company or truck line. Once your movers los flat rate angeles leaves your hands, it is passing into a vast and complicated shipping network with lots of moving parts.

We're ready to help! You are also far more likely to file a successful claim with the shipping or insurance company if you have met their shipping requirements. Avoid pressing a box into service beyond that lifespan, especially if you are shipping to a customer. What should I do if my https://moverslosangeles.city/los-angeles-new-york-movers.html arrived late? You can never have too many photos or too much documentation.

The freight forwarders may ship the art via air, truck or train, depending on your timing https://moverslosangeles.city/move-las-vegas-los-angeles.html and budget.

Now we are https://moverslosangeles.city/local-moving-company-los-angeles.html to slide this whole, neat package into the cardboard box, shipping large artwork. The trust you need. Small Business Essentials. Using an old box is inviting trouble. I consider sloppy taping a cardinal sin and I want to devote an entire section of this document to shipping large artwork subject of taping. If you feel that the likelihood of damage is small enough, or that the cost of insurance is too high, you can simply cover the cost of any damage yourself.

Typically, when damage occurs, the shipping company will return the artwork to you. Because the slightest jolt or tension can cause your glass to shatter, it is even more important that you provide ample padding and eliminate all possible movement.

Now, lay the cardboard flat, place the artwork roughly in the middle, and fold the ends over. Help me ship paintings TSI has personalized solutions for shipping paintings. Our final inner layer is bubble wrap. We had to have the artwork re-varnished before we could present it to a client who pity, movers from los angeles to new york city think already purchased it.

Fabric-based art, such as linen or canvas, should be placed face down to prevent cracking or breaking. You can apply this tape to the entire surface of the glass, and, if the glass should happen to break, the resulting shards will stick to the tape instead of slashing your artwork to shreds.

The delivery companies usually offer some minimal coverage by default, but this is usually just a few hundred dollars. First, you can cut the box down to size as mentioned above in the section on sizingor you can fill any voids with bubble wrap.

Please note that the method of packing and crating may vary, depending on the structure of your artwork, shipping large artwork, medium, and design.

The first step to good taping is to use good tape. When starting on a new seam, I hold the tape gun in my right hand and use my left hand to hold the tape down at its starting point on the box. Fill extra spaces with bubble wrap, taking care not to crush the edges of your painting. Removing it left an imprint of the bubble wrap on the surface of the entire painting. In spite of your best efforts in padding and protecting your artwork, damage is inevitable.

We want to fill this outer box as completely as possible. Sculpture Proper packaging is essential when shipping sculpture. Related reading. Is extra insurance available for shipping art? I now have a couple of taut inches of tape extending from the box to the gun. There are two general classes of delivery companies: the common carriers such, as FedEx and UPS, that primarily handle small to moderately sized packages, and the larger freight companies and freight forwarders that deal with larger shipments.

How to Ship a Canvas or Painting | Shipping School

How do I ship a sculpture? Use your box cutter to make your cut. Keeping the wrap tight will allow us to maintain clean edges and prevent bunching. If you do end up cutting the box down, I suggest you use your T-square and Sharpie to create straight cuts.

Deals and Shenanigans. The artist has built the cost of doing this into his pricing. Next, I almost always apply a second layer of bubble wrap around the edges of the artwork. Applying the tape is a two-handed operation.

He's on a mission to shed light on shipping so apologise, los angeles assistance movers remarkable businesses can succeed. Find a Store Now Each store is locally owned and operated. Choose a topic Created with Sketch. I pull the tape gun back to unroll enough tape to cover the seam, but I do this several inches above the surface of the box.

When we unwrapped the painting we could see that the bubble had stuck to the varnish. East Dane Designer Source Fashion. Roll the artwork in a layer of bubble wrap and seal with tape. There is, of course, another option: You can insure yourself. How do I ship framed artwork safely? Call Us. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The next secret to good taping is tension.

If you're shipping your paintings in a tube. This may seem like overkill, but any un-taped seam is a potential snag, and if something catches under the seam, your box could easily be ripped open. The ends of the inner-box will be open, and because we allowed four extra inches at the end, you should have about two inches of empty space at either end. I use my right thumb as a brake, holding the roll in place. There is simply no way to get a painting, photo or print out of a https://moverslosangeles.city/steel-shipping-containers-los-angeles.html filled with peanuts without disgorging them all over the unpacking area.

Now I would like to discuss some practices you should avoid. I also always apply tape all the way around the length and width of the package to tighten everything up. Your shipping large artwork will look much better if all of your cuts are straight. Address a package. When the piece arrives, talk to both the shipping company and your insurance adjuster to find out how they would like you to proceed.

What should I do if my shipment arrived damaged? As I mentioned above, bubble wrap is great for padding your art in transit, but it should not come in direct contact with the art.

Sometimes when delivering a piece of artwork directly to a client, I will wrap the painting with only bubble wrap, but when I do this I make sure the bubbles are facing out so the flat side of the bubble wrap is turned toward the painting. I encourage you to tape all of the seams of your outer box, shipping large artwork, including the short seams at the ends of each flap.

Quick Start

There are two main reasons for this. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Once I have enough tape, I keep it tight, line it up with the seam, and then lower it onto the box — keeping tension on the tape by pulling the gun. Therefore, if you are in doubt, call a professional art shipping company. You can insure yourself against loss in several ways. Ensure the protective paper covers all sides and edges. If you are dissatisfied, keep trying different companies until you find one that makes you comfortable.

Document the damage to the packaging and to the artwork per their instructions. You can also use their 3-day, 2-day and overnight express services. The space at the top of the box will be left unprotected. Another approach is to get out of the glass shipping business altogether. I know of an artist who does pastels, which are, of course, displayed behind glass. The rest is in the wrist. As I stated in the shipping procedures section, bubble wrap is the correct material for filling voids in your boxes.

If you minimize the cuts I usually only have one continuous cut all the way around the boxyou can telescope the parts of the box together to eliminate your extra space. If you start shipping in even higher volume, say an average of 10 pieces or more per month, you should talk to a sales representative for the company and ask if any volume discounts are available, and if they would apply to your situation. Just keep the guidelines on carrier size restrictions in mind when making this decision.

Can I insure my shipment? Telescoping is great because it reduces waste and adds an extra layer of cardboard wherever the boxes overlap.

No thanks. Just like we did when we were wrapping the plastic around the art, we want to keep some tension on the bubble wrap as we are applying it to the artwork.

Recycling is both environmentally conscious and economical, but every cardboard box has a lifespan. If you ship regularly however, it makes sense to have a business insurance policy that covers your art not only while it is in transit, but at all times. There is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of damage, so you should plan https://moverslosangeles.city/local-moving-service-north-hollywood.html its eventuality and https://moverslosangeles.city/best-rated-movers-in-los-angeles.html purchasing insurance to protect against loss.

Thanks for the great article…I had to ship 3 Warhols a while back. Declare artwork value. Last but not least, use special shipping labels e. Where do you get the raw cardboard from? This panel would inset and be flush to the raised perimeter edge of the 1st side. I have tried to get it off the painting and have not been able to. I am new to this and the hardest part for me is the outer box in the size I want.

Any insight or direction would be helpful — thank you, Jerm Wright. Getting a call from the gallery that they have received the art, but are worried about opening the container because they hear noise inside that sounds like broken glass… not fun.

Access to specialty carriers TSI works with a nationwide network of licensed and approved carriers. He had rolled it with the painted surface will piano moving hollywood curious the inside, and when he unrolled it later, the paint cracked as he unrolled it.

Any shipping large artwork about whether or not rabbit skin glue would be more inclined or less inclined to crack? Please note that the method of packing and more info may vary, depending on the structure of your artwork, medium, and design. I will be putting a layer of silicone release paper on front of paintings and wrapping entire piece in softwrap tyvek both from archival supply click here. Group Created with Sketch.

UPS has directed me to several online tools, but they are only available if I register, and the Terms Agreement is 97 pages long! Recommended Shipping Method Moving locally or long distance? This artwork, however, is very heavy? Most Asked Shipping Questions. Now I hear that there is also a customs fee and maybe even taxes?

Then I read your article. Thank you so much I had a question: what about framed work?

II. Hiring professional movers

Have you ever used butcher paper, wax here or deli paper as the first layer against the painting? As stained glass artists, we have to use care in every shipment we make. I was able to purchase return postage and lables and when the show was over the paintings were returned in the same boxes which held up well.

Assuming all is placed into the Smart Tv box- will this heavy styrofoam be enough protection if it protects against movement during shipping via UPS Store or Shipping large artwork Freight from Philly to Ft.

Thanks for your comments. Every piece is different, but these steps are a good place to start:. Do you know the name or site of this company? The oil painting came from Florida and I live in Arizona.

Contact The UPS Store location that shipped your item s immediately to inquire about the possibility of re-routing your shipment. The cost of shipping your painting depends on what shipping method you choose, shipping large artwork. Grab these resources for this guide. Would you ship them separately or combine them into a singe package? Beyond this, packing paintings first and shipping them early or storing them in a safe place is a good way to protect them throughout the moving process.

He painted a large canvas then rolled it up for storage. They came out to my house and crated my large cradled birch panels which were painted with acrylic and had a high gloss varnish on them… headed to a restaurant. To date I have only shipped my work from Canada to US. I was recently contacted by a client from Singapore who intends to purchase a number of my artworks for resale. Would this be cost effective, maybe not the material itself, but made up in labor?

Shipping Artwork Safe And Reliable — Ship Smart

Plus it is a whole lot lighter to ship! This past ArtPrize exhibition is where I first experienced the call, was confused due to my assumption that the work had been framed with acrylic, and had the art in a different exhibition without shipping issues earlier in the year. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct Get it as soon as Tue, Oct Amazon's Choice for artwork shipping boxes. The painting in question is oil, but thinly painted. To add to you glass suggestion. It is the situations like this that you reconsider many times in your head and the good thing is that you can get shipping insurance and the bad thing is that if it wrecks even that is hard to replace.

They seem to handle things more carefully. Ideas or thoughts, please? With a little give, the foam actually acts as a shock absorber. For high-value, one-of-a-kind, original, or highly sentimental artwork, we strongly recommend purchasing supplemental insurance. Call Now. How Do I Ship Paintings? Get it as soon as Wed, Oct Get it Wed, Oct 27 - Fri, Oct It should include:. Maybe Jason can speak on this. We can secure space on a dedicated truck, as well as click trucks with air-ride suspension or climate controlled environments.

If the foam is too stiff, shockwaves will travel easily through the foam and could damage the art. Should I remove the oil painting from the frame, wrap it in the plastic, put the frame back and then pack it with more bubble? Have the recipient save all packaging material. I live in Florida so heat and humidity come into play los angeles movers in west. At this point adequate packaging is the least of my problems.

Learn the best way to ship a hard canvas and the importance of protecting it with the right kinds of packing material. I have one of these tools and would like to know how you do this. Once The UPS Store location reports the damaged package, shipping large artwork, the carrier that shipped your package will initiate an investigation and may or may not approve the claim upon successful completion of the investigation.

Where do you source these size boxes? We still have select slots available for pickup! As far as outer layer- plan to use protective corners inside of something breathable, but sturdy. If I have a standard set of sizes of work, I could stock matching Styrofoam panels. I contacted a moving company that had a delicate electronics shipping division and they were able to ship the glass in my shipping box, plywood and rigid Styrofoam to the client.

TVs are pretty fragile devices, and so one would think that the engineering TV manufacturers have done to protect them would help you protect the similarly fragile serigraph. I worry that the plastic wrap would stick to the surface of my mixed media pieces. Just our 2 cents…. They addressed all the problems, we hung the show and everything worked out fine. Contact us to secure your spot on the schedule. Shipping posters Group Created with Sketch.

Having worked as an art handler and museum preparator, there are a few products that have made shipping fine art so much easier. How to Pack and Ship Coffee Mugs. I will have to refer her to this article because it is almost the exact same thing as shipping paintings!

For recurring or volume shipments or long-distance moves of large paintings or larger collections, consolidated freight is ideal. After that he always said, if you ever roll up an oil painting, make sure the painted surface is on the outside.

It is my first sale overseas, and as this client may become a steady customer in the future I do not wish to botch our transition. You will notice in TV boxes that the foam has a little bit of flex and give to it. Email me with questions or for good for crate-making resource. If you are the recipient, contact the sender of the shipment to inform him or her that the shipment arrived damaged, shipping large artwork.

What about flat Styrofoam panels in place of bubble wrap? Yeah… they opened the box while I was on the phone, we talked about the shattered glass, the destroyed frame and mat and how the glass had scraped away some of the graphite in one area of the drawing. They come with heavy perforated foam sheets. Do you have any thoughts on shipping multiple paintings? If you are the sender, immediately notify The UPS Store location that shipped your item s to report a damaged shipment and begin the claim process.

If you are shipping a single painting or smaller pieces, or need expedited shipping, parcel shipping is your best option. There was a time when we were building a 4 foot by 5 foot stained glass unit that would be used as signage for a store. I save my canvas boxes… But they where to move in la 3 to a box and no Room for read article. How To Ship Paintings Read shipping large artwork five common ways to ship paintings, including pros and cons and when to use each method.

Thanks very much… Ray. Shipping artwork does not have to be complicated or expensive. We had to get it there before the grand opening, undamaged. Jason, new to shipping, it was sooo helpful and for the most part I had been advised by A high volume artist shipper of art. A lot of west angeles movers residential los shows will no longer accept glass in framed works.

It will make it very easy for her to follow! Each carrier offers a declared value program. Free Shipping Software. The one thing I would be aware of is how stiff the foam is. Thanks in advance. If shipped, would make a box within a box using foam between the two. You mentioned that you use the box sizer tool to make shipping boxes from raw cardboard.

To find out more about UPS Delivery Intercept and how to intercept a package, contact your neighborhood location. Contact your neighborhood location for declared value pricing. I think I shall give myself the same consideration as I gave Warhol…. Hi- I am just in the process of preparing for shipment an expensive signed serigraph that measures 36 x 48 —-and —-after thinking I had done an exceptional job- read your article.

I use museum acrylic as much as possible when framing but if i ship glass i cut cardboard to fit inside the frame ontop of the glass to fill in the space so that the frame and cardboard are flush then box with the cardboard corners and bubble wrap, i have not had glass break guide moving los angeles date. Save money with the most experienced art shippers nationwide.

Jason, I am just jumping in on this thread, but I have heard of a company that shows up at your door with a shipping box needed for your painting and takes it right then and there to ship out to the customer — thus cutting out on the shipping prep that the painter may need to do. I really like that you included every last item or idea to consider in this process. When using a framer, be sure that if you specify acrylic you get it!

When it comes to shipping I have first been stymied by the lack of adequate insurance. Then taped both boxes together and shipped as one package to an art show. The client had spent months working on details, so when it came time to ship we only had a few days to complete the project. I hope to soon sell some of my own.

How to ship artwork. But where to get those boxes? Anyone have any ideas on how to get continue reading plastic off an oil painting? Your article has helped a lot. What about when you have mixed media e. Mili here is asking the same things I was wanting to know about continue reading shipping, customs and paperwork involved. Is there a certain varnish that you use that is guaranteed not to stick?

Insurance Every art shipment includes federally mandated click at this page liability coverage, which pays out at 60 cents per pound. In shipping art there are never any guarantees, but what you are proposing sounds like it should work. Thank you so much for this article. Thanks for the article. I had s good experience a couple years ago with Fed Ex using their art boxes. I also live in humid Florida.

TSI can help—our experienced logistics coordinators will connect you with an expert artwork shipping company and help you create a shipping plan that works for your schedule and budget, including recurring shipments. We can also help with estate distributions. Steps for how to ship artwork. Am currently packing unframed oils on canvas for storage. This was one of those cases where time was more important than money.

Contact The UPS Store location that shipped your item s immediately to inquire about the possibility of address correction. I thought they were reasonably pricedI purchased two large boxes putting one large painting in miami moving to los angeles and two smaller paintings in the other, wrapped individually. This fee-based service allows shippers to request the intercept of packages prior to delivery, providing greater flexibility in managing shipping needs.

These will not be shipped, but stored in self packed container and stored climate controlled. Hi, I had an expensive piece of art that arrived with the plastic stuck to the entire painting. What is your opinion about removing paintings from the stretchers and shipping rolled up?

What is your suggestion? We drive 80 miles roundtrip to use budget trucks los angeles Fed-ex shipper rather than the local UPS….

Plastic Art Bags are a quick, easy, protective, and cost efficient way to protect paintings, either for shipping or storage. I have shipped one painting to the U. Anybody have any tips? Masterpak is a company in New York that makes hard plastic reinforced boxes! With just a couple of weeks before ArtPrize opened, the gallery worked with me to find a local frame shop who also called in a restoration expert.

Although seductive to use inexpensive materials: freezer paper, plastic wrap, wax paper etc…is not worth the risk of sticking, even on cured paintings. This is a good article. Hi Great article!